Recent Legal Wins For Students With Dyslexia

Learning disabilities, like dyslexia, auditory processing disorders or visual-perceptual deficits, are sometimes referred to as “hidden disabilities.” The reason is that learning disabilities are not visible the way certain physical disabilities are or quickly recognizable the way certain intellectual or developmental disabilities [...]

The Overlap of Special Needs and Family Law

Our practice areas frequently overlap. Parents of special needs children face many challenges, not just during their marriage, but also upon its dissolution. In addition to the added financial stress of specialized activities and services, parents also find themselves juggling school work [...]

Special Education Eligibility to be Extended Beyond age 21

If your child will reach the age of 21 before June 30, 2021, he or she may still be eligible for special education beyond this school year. S-3434 [insert link to bill] is on track to reach Governor Murphy’s desk for signature [...]

What is the Re-opening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year?

As we approach the deadline for school districts to present their plans to re-open schools, and with parents given the choice of whether or not to send their children to school, and with a bill about to be proposed which would prevent [...]

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