Although “tween” is defined as kids between young childhood and the teenage years, the years in between the teenage years and fully-launched adults are a similar grey area, warranting its own moniker. Twadult? We refer to our kids between the ages of 18 and 22 (mostly) as “adult children,” because they rely on us as children do, but they are in many respects independent adults.

Most significantly, once our children reach the age of 18, they are legal adults. This means that their parents no longer have authority to make decisions for them. While at first this feels liberating, these newly minted adults quickly realize that they still need of (and often want) their parents’ help with many things ranging from paying tuition to refilling prescriptions.

If “signing a Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy” were not on your list of things to do while your twadults are home for winter break, there is still time. We can speak with them to describe the purpose of those documents, determine what they need, and discuss who would be appropriate people to appoint to help them. After they review the drafts we send to them, they will come in for a quick signing appointment. Please reach out to us (or have your twadult do so) if you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment to start the process. Just call the office at (973)376-7733, or send an e-mail to our paralegal, Justine Garcia at